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About Us

Welcome to the Kennel Club Academy, the home of accessible online education to support those involved in the world of dogs. Here you will find films and learning resources which will provide users with insight and education to support their all their interests.

The Academy provides a broad range of online learning resources and for its initial launch there a presentations and breed specific films for dog show judges, films aimed a dog breeders and online assessments for KCAI scheme members. The Academy content will continue to grow as additional materials are developed for Judges of other disciplines and activities, show and club officials, vets and dog owners to name but a few.

Led by the Kennel Club’s Training Board the Academy aims to provide consistent and high quality standards of education and training in every area of Kennel Club activity.

Judges’ Education Learning Resources

The education provided in the Dog Show Judges area aims to encourage aspiring and established judges to attended seminars and assessments delivered by Kennel Club Accredited Trainers. These seminars explain the importance of the role of the dog show judge and provide update to date information on Kennel Club regulations and judging procedures. The breed specific films featured on the Academy site are a learning resource for judges and others with an interest in the featured breeds. The Training Board is keen to develop this area of site into an online library of films with multiple films for a breed. Breed clubs are therefore invited to give serious consideration to developing their own breed specific film.

Breeder Education Learning Resources

Dog Breeders also benefit from the introducing the Kennel Club Academy. The Academy features a variety of films aimed at those considering breeding from their dog including all the considerations needed to support their dog’s health and welfare.

All the presentations and films have been developed by experts in their fields and offer users an insight into their knowledge and experience.

KCAI Scheme Assessments

With the launch of the Academy KCAI Scheme Members will benefit from a new accessible online assessment process. This new resource aims to help KCAI members work towards their accreditation in a more structured and convenient way. It provides a flexible and simple way to demonstrate knowledge prior to their practical assessment. This new process also reduces the need for much of the paper based Accreditation application.

Everyone interested in expanding their knowledge will, through the Academy be able to learn at their own pace, all the Academy resources are available 24/7 and can be accessed as many times as the user wishes. Users will be able to see their own record of learning which offers them the option of recording their individual education and training in whatever subject or subjects in which they are interested.

The Training Board is keen to develop additional key partners who might wish to contribute to the Academy. Interested parties can contact the Kennel Club Training Board with their proposal.

The Kennel Club Academy Shop is where you’ll find information on what’s available from the Academy and where you can manage your payments. Once you set up your subscription and received your login, you can start to browse the wealth of information available.

We hope you will enjoy browsing the site and that some or all of the presentations and films prove to be of interest and help with your understanding and knowledge of the world of dogs.

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