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KCAI Scheme Assessments

How to get access

This area of the Kennel Club Academy is dedicated to active KCAI scheme members.  As an active member you will have received your notification email confirming your username and login information. Once logged in, you can purchase the nine online assessments.

You don’t need to purchase all of them at the same time. Only purchase them when you feel ready to complete them.

You can attempt the assessment as many times as needed to pass. However, if you fail, you will be required to pay again for each additional attempt.  You will need to wait seven days before you are eligible to re-attempt an assessment to enable you to develop your knowledge further.

As you successfully complete each of the assessments, they are logged on your profile so that you can keep track of how you are progressing.

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What you get access to

Each assessment includes the following elements to help members through the process:

  • Details of the assessment criteria
  • Listed recommended reading
  • Guidance on next steps
  • An online assessment of knowledge and learning for each assessment– providing immediate notification of success or if repeat assessment is required


Online assessments:

  • 1. Welfare, care and needs of the dog
  • 2. Anatomy and physiology
  • 3. Behaviour of dogs
  • 4. Everyday problem behaviours
  • 5. Training the dog
  • 6. Living with dogs
  • 7. Professional business practices
  • 8. Teaching people
  • 9. Dog owners’ responsibilities

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